Infringements and case law

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Asserting your rights

If you are having problems getting your professional qualifications recognised in another EU country, the SOLVIT network is there to help. SOLVIT centres (one in each EU country) look for practical solutions to problems encountered by individuals and businesses in connection with the misapplication of European legislation.

If you feel that your rights under European law are not being respected, you may seek redress from the national courts or administrative bodies (including the national or regional ombudsman) and/or through the arbitration and conciliation procedures available in the country concerned.

Note: only national authorities have jurisdiction to order the recognition of qualifications or awarding of damages.

You may also lodge a complaint with the European Commission, which is able to institute proceedings (”infringement procedures“) against EU countries and, as a last resort, to bring an action against the country concerned before the European Court of Justice. However, this procedure is not as direct or personalised as steps taken at national level and may take a very long time.

Application of EU law – exercise your rights

Example of an infringement procedure

The Commission has brought proceedings against a number of EU countries for allowing only their own nationals to work as notaries.

Court cases

List of recent infringement proceedings brought against EU countries in connection with the recognition of professional qualifications and reports of cases before the Court of Justice relating to professional recognition:




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