Directive 2005/36/EC in practice

24. December 2013 0 Comment


The recognition of professional qualifications is defined in Directive 2005/36/EC.

  • The directive provides for a special scheme for temporary mobility. In such situations, professionals can in principle work on the basis of a declaration made in advance.
  • The directive also applies to professionals wishing to establish themselves in an EU country:
    • as an employed or self-employed person
    • on a permanent basis
    • other than that in which they obtained their professional qualifications
  • Three systems for the recognition of qualifications
    The directive sets out three systems for the recognition of qualifications:

    • automatic recognition for professions for which the minimum training conditions have been harmonised (health professionals, architects, veterinary surgeons)
    • the general system for other regulated professions
    • recognition on the basis of professional experience for certain professional activities.
  • The directive also includes provisions on knowledge of languages and professional and academic titles (see the Code of conductpdf Choose translations of the previous link and the User Guidepdf Choose translations of the previous link)

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