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Directive 2005/36/EC

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[vs id=”9000″] Legislation (Free movement of professionals) Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications came into force in 2007. It has since been amended several times. A consolidated version of the directive and its annexes – provided for information only and not binding on the institutions – is also available below. Lastly, you will […]

The Bologna Process


Towards the European Higher Education Area The Bologna Process launched the European Higher Education Area in 2010, in which students can choose from a wide and transparent range of high quality courses and benefit from smooth recognition procedures. The Bologna Declaration of June 1999 put in motion a series of reforms needed to make European […]

Architecture Journal No 01/2014


Journal of Architektur Institut is an interdisciplinary scholarly online publication of architecture, planning, construction, History, Art, Renovation and Conservation and built environment studies. The journal aims at establishing a bridge between theory and practice in the fields of architectural and design research, and urban planning and built environment studies. The journal has two international boards; […]

Parlamentarische Bürgerinitiative:


Notwendige Reform des Normengesetzes gefordert! Durch die erfolgreiche Öffentlichkeitsarbeit ist es im heurigen Jahr gelungen, mehrfach die kritische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Austrian Standards Institute (ASI) in die breite Öffentlichkeit zu tragen. Um den politischen Druck für eine entsprechende Gesetzesänderung erzeugen zu können, sollen Unterschriften für eine parlamentarische Bürgerinitiative gesammelt werden. Parlamentarische Bürgerinitiativen, die mehr als […]

The Higher Education Modernisation Agenda


The Higher Education Modernisation Agenda Higher education, with its links with research and innovation, plays a crucial role in personal development and economic growth, providing the highly qualified people and the articulate citizens that Europe needs to create jobs and prosperity. If Europe is not to lose out to global competition in the fields of […]

Higher education in Europe

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Higher education in Europe Higher education plays an essential role in society, creating new knowledge, transferring it to students and fostering innovation. EU-level actions help higher education institutions throughout Europe in their efforts to modernise, both in terms of the courses they offer and the way they operate. Europe has around 4 000 higher education […]



Completing one or more semesters at foreign universities and colleges not only offers substantial gains in experience for students’ professional future, the master programmes explicitly recommend such exchanges to foster creative inputs to the faculty. Over past two decades, the European “Programme for Lifelong Learning” has defined aims and criteria for subsidising student mobility within […]